The New Year

Happy New Years!

As the New Year fast approaches I sit here trying to reflect on the past year.  I want to take a minute and THANK ALL OF YOU that have blessed my life this past year.  I have been blessed with a supportive family, amazing friends and most of all a team of men and woman who have trusted me and followed my guidance which sometimes makes them scratch their head.

The Painted Mill is not your ordinary store.  We work hard to transform and make each Sale different.   People always ask, “why are you only open one weekend a month”.  Well there is two reasons.  It takes a lot to hunt, gather and display.  So, the few weeks in between Sales allows us to do that.  The men and woman that help bring The Painted Mill to life month after month are busy men and woman.  Some own their own businesses, some have full time careers, and some are stay at home parents with small children.  Whatever their full-time life entails they still, month after month put together a wonderful sale.  The 2nd reason is because we can draw a larger crowd when the hours are very limited.  The built-up excitement to see what is different month after month brings customers back each month.

Since the beginning we transitioned from mostly vintage, recycle and repurposed to new and reproduction.  It was not my intent to do that.  It was what our customers wanted.   We could see the shift in our product sales month after month.  We do get our critics every now and then.  I truly believe if we didn’t make the transition we would not be open today.  For 2018 you will find more great finds for the home,  the cutest  apparel, accessories and much much more.

I hope that the 2018 year brings new joy, new hope, new beginnings, and good health to all!!





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